CleanSeal CS4

CleanSeal CS4

Common Questions from Customers

Q: Does CS4 stop Coronavirus/Covid-19 contamination?

A: Yes. Read below for the how and why it works

Q: What is CS4?

A: CS4 is a commercial grade spray-on anti-virus, anti- bacterial, anti-mold disinfectant that terminates all such micro-organisms and micro-toxin growth on contact. Additionally, once a surface is treated with CS4, the product will continue to ward off virus, bacteria and mold for 60+ days.

Q: Is CS4 safe to use around people and pets?

A: Yes. CS4 is a totally "green" product which contains only ingredients which are rated as non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-flammable, non-hazardous. All components of the product are rated as "food grade"

Q: Is CS4 approved by the CDC or EPA for treating Coronavirus/Covid-19?

A: NO... Because the CDC and EPA do not "approve" or recommend any manufactures specific product. However, our CS4 product exceeds the CDC's published recommended standards for mitigating Coronavirus/Covid-19. The CDC states that only disinfectants that contain 60-70% alcohol are "effective" in combating the problem. Our CS4 Product contains 72% alcohol and therfore exceeds the CDC standard for treating the virus.

Q: Is there an odor associated with a CS4 application?

A: Yes. CS4 has a very mild, non-irritating, non-allergenic lemon smell which dissipates within a few minutes following application. The smell comes from the food grade lemon extract which is contained in the product.

Q: Do I have to evacuate my home or business during a CS4 treatment?

A: NO. You do not have to leave during CS4 treatments... just un-plug electronic devices, put away papers which may get damp, and get out of the path of the sprayer to prevent getting wet.

Q: Do I have to wide CS4 off a surface once it is applied?

A: NO. In fact do not wipe the product off a treated surface... let it dry. After the product dries (in a few minutes) the treated surface is protected from contamination. It is alright to clean a treated surface afterward but do not use any petroleum or acid based cleaners as these can cause CS4 protection to degrade.