Looking for Effective Coronavirus Cleaning Services?

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Keeping your home or business clean and sanitary is a big responsibility. It can be difficult to balance your personal responsibilities with regular cleaning. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made sanitation more important than ever. That's why Meticulosity Cleaning offers residential and commercial cleaning services in Loomis, Rocklin and Roseville, CA. Our cleaning company will keep your home or office sanitary so you can focus on other things.

Call 916-410-4740 now or fill out a form to learn more about our COVID-19 disinfectant services. Our team uses a proprietary, all-natural fogging product that neutralizes COVID as well as 99.9% of all other mico-organisms and can keep surfaces free from the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 for up to 60 days.

At Meticulosity Cleaning, we provide standard cleaning services and specialty disinfectant services. Our friendly staff can help you determine which is right for your home or business. Count on us for:

Whether you're looking for help keeping your home clean every week or assistance cleaning out a rental home, our crew can get the job done right. Call Meticulosity Cleaning Service in Loomis or Rocklin, CA at (916) 417-4740 or fill out a form to our cleaning company for a quote.

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Meticulosity Cleaning is a woman-owned business located in Loomis, CA, serving Rocklin, Roseville, CA and the Greater Sacramento Area. We have more that 16 years experience in the cleaning and disinfection. All of our products are carefully formulated to effectively clean and disinfect your enviromnent.

If you're looking for long-lasting protection from COVID-19 and other illnesses, contact our cleaning company in Loomis, Rocklin or Roseville, CA today. You can choose from weekly, biweekly or monthly services.